New Agouti Test Available for Dogs!

Phenotypes and ASIP haplotype combinations
Bannasch et. al., 2021 Dog colour patterns explained by modular promoters of ancient canid origin | Nature Ecology & Evolution

The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory is excited to announce a new Agouti test that better explains the different coat color patterns seen in dogs.

Based on research by Dr. Danika Bannasch and colleagues, the new Agouti test looks at two regions of the A locus called the ventral promoter (VP) and the hair cycle promoter (HCP). These two regions work independently to regulate the amount of expression of the Agouti protein and determine five main Agouti-based coat color patterns in dogs. The new test is, therefore, able to differentiate between phenotypes that were previously indistinguishable, allowing dog owners and breeders to more accurately determine their dog's coat pattern genetics and possible coat pattern outcomes from specific crosses. 

For more information about the new Agouti test, visit Agouti (A Locus). Click here to read the full publication.

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