Dr. Carrie J. Finno

Dr. Finno and HorseThe Finno Laboratory works on companion animal genetic investigations, especially related to neuromuscular disease. Dr. Finno is a faculty member in genetics, a clinician with the Equine Medicine Service, and the Director of the Center for Equine Health at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. She and her team have been responsible for discovering the genetic underpinnings of occipitoatlantoaxial malformation in Arabian horses and Immune-Mediated Mysositis in the American Quarter Horse and related breeds, among other traits. She is currently investigating these and other neuromuscular diseases including equine neuroaxonal dystrophy (eNAD), which is an inherited neurodegenerative disorder affecting many horse breeds.

Drs. Carrie Finno, Jessica Petersen of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Rebecca Bellone of the VGL are directly involved in the Functional Annotation of the ANimal Genome (FAANG) project, elucidating the regulatory elements of horse genome.

All ongoing research projects of the Finno Lab can be viewed directly on the Finno Lab website.