Dr. Anita Oberbauer

Dr. Oberbauer and dog

The Oberbauer Laboratory focuses on the genetic basis for health disorders and other traits in dogs and dairy cattle.

Dr. Oberbauer is a faculty member in the Department of Animal Science and Associate Dean for Agricultural Sciences. She joined the faculty in 1989 and has been teaching, mentoring, advising, and leading research programs since then. Among her many research accomplishments, she and her colleagues in the Department of Animal Science identified a dopamine transporter polymorphism associated with adverse aggressive behaviors in Belgian Malinois. She has been recognized with the UC Davis Prize for Undergraduate Teaching and Research and the AKC Canine Health Foundation Asa Mays DVM Excellence in Canine Health Research Award.

Dr. Oberbauer and her team are currently investigating the genetic underpinnings of canine diseases including Addison's Disease, canine epilepsy, and symmetrical lupoid onychodystrophy. 

All ongoing canine genetics research projects in the Oberbauer Lab, as well as opportunities to participate in studies, can be viewed on the Canine Genetic Analysis Project (CGAP) website.