Ann T. Bowling Fellowship

Ann T. Bowling Fellowship in Veterinary Genetics

Ann T. BowlingThis fellowship, established in memory of Ann T. Bowling, supports full-time graduate students in UC Davis Ph.D. programs whose research is directed at identifying, understanding, and mitigating the genetic/genomic basis of heritable disorders afflicting veterinary species. Fellows perform an internship at the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory as part of their training.

Dr. Ann Bowling (1943-2000) was a pioneer in veterinary genetics. Dr. Bowling received her doctorate from UC Davis after completing her thesis on plant genetics. In her early research career, she investigated various topics in genetics including animal cytogenetics and parentage identification, and she also began exploring what would become a lifelong interest in horse coat color genetics and genetic disease. She became an internationally known expert on horse genetics and a leader of the project to map the horse genome, authoring 93 peer-reviewed publications that made contributions in the areas of DNA testing, cytogenetics, and molecular genetics. Dr. Bowling was an adjunct professor and the Executive Associate Director of the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory until her death in 2000.

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Fellowship Recipients

Myles Hammond (2022-2023)

Research: Genetic investigation of pigmentation variation and connection to equine metabolic syndrome
Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Bellone

Dr. Isabel Casanova (2020-2021)

Casanova (Ann T. Bowling Fellowship Recipient 2020-2021)">

Research: Corneal endothelial dystrophy in dogs: identification of genetic factors and therapeutic effect of topical Rho-associated kinase inhibitors
Mentor: Dr. Sara Thomasy

Sichong Peng (2019-2020)

Research: Identification of tissue-specific insulators and chromatin accessibility in health, adult Thoroughbred horses
Mentor: Dr. Carrie J. Finno

Sichong Peng (2018-2019)

Research: Characterizing regulatory elements in the horse as part of the Functional Annotation of Animal Genome (FAANG) project
Mentor: Dr. Carrie J. Finno

Liza Gershony (2018-2019)

Research: Addison’s disease in Bearded Collies
Mentor: Dr. Anita Oberbauer

Anna Dahlgren (2017-2018)

Research: Elucidating the underlying genetic etiology of Atypical Equine Thrombasthenia in Thoroughbreds
Mentor: Dr. Carrie J. Finno

Evelyn Bulkeley (2016-2017)

Research: Effects from age-related sperm metabolism on microRNA (miRNA) integrity in stallion sperm
Mentor: Dr. Stuart Meyers